S4S Smooth on 4 sides
S1S2E Smooth 1 side and 2 edges
Rough Saw texture direct from the Mill
Green Contains moisture
Dry Kiln-dried or Air-dried
Resawn Light blade texture, between rough & smooth
RB&B Reverse board and batten
T&G Tongue and groove
ACQ Alkaline Copper Quaternary, a water-based wood preservative that prevents decay from fungi and insects
KD Kiln-dried
P&TS Plugged and touch sanded, plywood
STK Select tight knot
SPF Spruce/Pine/Fir mixed species
MDO Medium Density Overlay, aka Sign Board or
Crezon. A paper covered fiberboard with one
very smooth side often used for making signs
MDF Medium Density Fiberboard
OSB Oriented Strand Board
WP4 A standard siding pattern
S4SEE Smooth 4 Sides, Eased Edge
S3SE2E Smooth 3 Sides, Eased 2 Edges
RS1S Resawn 1 Side
OC On Center, distance between centers of a repeating pattern
PVC Polyvinyl Chloride
LVL Laminated Veneer Lumber, an engineered lumber product
PSL Parallel Strand Lumber, an engineered lumber product
LSL Laminated Strand Lumber, an engineered lumber product.
LOSP Light Organic Solvent Preservative, treatment used to protect against termite damage and decay, inside or outside above ground. 
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California Redwood Association

downloadRedwood Lumber Patterns No. 17 (download PDF)
Pattern profiles of worked redwood lumber produced by the members of the California Redwood Association. These profiles and dimensions have been established to simplify the specifying and ordering of pattern lumber. All patterns shown are pictured as they are usually run through the matcher as viewed from the head of the machine looking toward the outfeed end.