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Finishes & Cleaners

Protect and enhance your deck with a wide selection of products

Berco Redwood offers several products to clean, protect and enhance your redwood, composite or hardwood deck.

Have an old deck? Maybe it doesn’t need to be replaced. We have products to bring your old deck back to life.

Consult our sales staff to pick the wood finish or cleaning product best suited to your needs.

Stains and Sealers

sikkens-cetol-srdSikkens Cetol®SRD 250 $66.00 /gal
An easy-to-use, translucent, water-repellant exterior finish for wood decking, rails, siding and deck furniture. Its allkyd resin stabilizes the wood grain and builds a durable, UV-resistant barrier.

Cetol SRD 250 allows the wood to breathe and accomodate seasonal shifts in temperature without loosing adhesion to the wood surface.


super-deck-transparentSuperdeck Transparent Stain $37.70 /gal
Formulated for exterior use on any exterior wood surface.
- ONE COAT coverage with a transparent finish that highlights the wood grain
- Three oil formula contains deep penetrating tung oil for long lasting protection
- Highest quality iron oxide pigments to create long lasting colors and inhibit UV damage caused by the sun
- Formulated to resist growth of mildew and algae on the coating’s surface
- Excellent water repellency


eco-wood-treatmentEco Wood Treatment $15.25 / 1 gallon package, $69.00 / 5 gal
Eco Wood Treatment is a proven wood preservative that gives all wood a silvery patina, resulting in a high-end, weathered look. It can be used in exterior or interior applications.

Eco Wood Treatment is a natural, organic product with no harmful chemicals. It contains no solvents and leaves no harmful residue in water or soil. Packaged in a powder form that mixes completely with water.


Messmer's for Hardwood DecksMessmer’s Hardwood Deck Finish $59.00 /gal
Messmer's U.V. Plus is formulated specifically for hardwood decks such as Ípe.
- Maximum concentration of ultraviolet light screens to protect wood from harmful rays
- Long lasting water repellancy
- Reduces warping, cracking and shrinking of the wood
- Special combination of natural oils that condition hardwood and enhance their natural beauty
- Contains transparent iron oxide pigments


super-deck-hardwoodSuperdeck Exotic Hardwood Stain $46.00 /gal
Superdeck Exotic Hardwood finish is formulated for the unique demands of hardwoods, including decking, furniture, fencing or any exterior hardwood application.
- ONE COAT coverage with a transparent finish
- Maximum pigment concentration for denser woods
- The unique super penetrating formula protects the dense structure of exotic hardwoods
- Excellent water repellency
- Highest quality iron oxide pigments to create long lasting colors and inhibit UV damage caused by the sun
- Formulated to resist growth of mildew and algae on the coating's surface


Cleaners and Strippers

penefin-wood-stripperPenofin Wood Stripper (Step 1) $59.00 /gal
Specially developed to effectively remove oil finishes on all exterior wood, composite or concrete surfaces using New Clean Strip Technology. Pro-Tech Stripper leaves little or no residue, will not raise grain and provides double the coverage of average strippers. Pro-Tech Stripper is the first step in preparing your wood for staining and sealing.
- Fast acting
- Easy to use
- Removes paint, stains, sealers and loose wood fibers
- Certified no VOC’s product

Average gallon coverage: About 125-200 square feet depending on surface type.


penefin-wood-cleanerPenofin Wood Cleaner (Step 2) $39.73 /gal
The best outdoor cleaner for just about everything, this unique formula uses Super Hydrogen Power to tackle just about any cleaning job around your home. Mix concentrated granules in varying strengths to remove grease, grime, dirt, organic stains, tree sap and mineral deposits. Kills mold and mildew. For use on wood, masonry, concrete, fiber cement, berglass, outdoor furniture, cushions, floor coverings, glass and tile.
-Restores wood to mill bright appearance
-Easy to apply
-Biodegradable; safe on soil and plant life surface type.

Average gallon coverage: About 300-400 square feet depending on surface type. This container will make roughly 16 gallons of cleaner.


penefin-wood-brightenerPenofin Wood Brightener (Step 3) $33.93 /gal
Annihilates tough tannin stains and watermarks on all types of wood, decking, siding and fences; removes mill glaze. Penofin Pro-Tech Brightener reestablishes the Ph balance of your wood after stripping and cleaning and brightens gray weathered wood to bring back that mill-bright color.
- The hardwood helper
- Reduces mill glaze for better penetration
- Removes the gray
- Prepares hardwood for finishing

Average gallon coverage: About 300-400 square feet depending on surface type. This container will make roughly 8 gallons of brightener.


penefin-composite-cleanerPenofin Composite Cleaner $46.00 /gal
Hydrogenated crystals to which you just add water. For use on decks, siding, railings, spa surrounds and gazebos.
- Effectively removes stains, dirt, algae growth, mold and mildew from composite surfaces
- Hydrogenated crystals — just add water
- Biodegradable — no VOCs
- Concentrated formula for multiple cleanings

Average gallon coverage: About 300-400 square feet.


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